Friday, January 6, 2012

Zip It Up

When I run and start to tire, my shoulders hunch. I slow down. Every part of my body labors while my mind focuses in on the pain and how far I have to go and I settle in to this posture of defeated weariness.  When I find myself in this way, I’ll often say to myself: Zip it up! Stand tall, tighten the core, find your form, pump your arms and fight back.  Find that natural gait where the steps are easier and the breath is deeper.  It’s back to the basics, back to what you know about running.

So it is with my faith.  Sometimes I let the weight of my circumstances lay heavy on my shoulders, and I grow tired with burden.  Sometimes I labor for my next breath, my next step, wondering if God can redeem this, if He will, assuming that my unworthiness is visible through His Robe of Righteousness, still unmet by His grace at the cross.  Is this the abundant life Jesus promised me? Is this the joy that comes from a life abiding in the Vine? I think not! I really need to get over myself.  I don’t have the kind of power capable of penetrating even the hem of His robe.

And so I say to myself here: Zip it up! Stand tall, confident. Tighten the core, pulling together the wisdom and knowledge given me by Christ. Find that natural gait that only comes when I am yoked with Christ. And pump those arms – fight the good fight.  It’s back to the basics.  Back to what I know to be true about God.