Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just Keep Counting

A new year but the count doesn't start over... it carries on.  Our God, He lives in us and outside of time and His raining down love on us just never stops.   And, the waves of our days that carry tides of gifts crashes into eternity where we come face to face with the Giver.  O glorious day!

#299. A little girl singing of God's good gifts, reminding me they are everywhere and only today matters.

#300. Every effort behind our worship team's writing and recording "Good Gifts" onto a CD that fills my car with His praises and resonates in the heart of a little girl so it fills my house with His praises too.

#301. Morning quiet time alongside a little girl... her reading Proverbs 1 quietly from her Bible and me quietly from mine. And the way this silence echoes through eternity.

#302. Freshly fallen snow blanketing the winter landscape - the ugly dead now white as snow and beautiful.

#303. Family snow day with 20 inches and still counting and nowhere we have to be except together.

#304. Winter quiet that comes with the never-ending snow and warm blankets and fuzzy slippers and terry robes for little people... and the sound of the heater breaking through the silence.

#305. Warm sunshine days just before a blizzard.  Remembering the promises in 70 degrees before the storm that stops us still.

#306.  A zoo visit that unleashes their curiosity and deepens their adoration of this loving Creator.

#307.  Brave women opening wounds and bleeding on cardboard to testify in a room full of women, "You are not alone."

#308. A husband who shovels joyfully while it's still snowing, clearing a path where there looks to be no way.

#309.  Four wheel drive and a husband who thinks about using it in 2 feet of snow.

#310. Hot cocoa and rosy cheeks after snow tubing and playing with friends.

#311. A neighborhood that is a community... plowing streets and plowing sidewalks and coming together to weather the storm.  Dare I whisper the word... love...

#312.  Sweet words whispered, kind words shouted.  All our words meant to be a gift.

And I just keep counting...  because if I don't recognize the gifts, how will I see the Giver?