Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sometimes, I try this idea of writing simply for the love of the written word using a prompt from various sources.  How? I start and end a post in 15 minutes.  The professionals, they do five minutes.  I do fifteen.  And then I share what fifteen minutes gets me. Just fifteen minutes. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.  I thank you in advance for enfolding me in your crazy grace.


Today's Prompt:  REAL


The school year is almost over and for the last month my typical Tuesdays have been uncharacteristic and I’ve had to forfeit volunteering in Baby Girl’s class. It’s something I actually love doing, seeing her relate to her peers and work in her space and follow a foreign set of rules so diligently. She really is a good little girl.  And it's a space I have nothing to do with. It’s her territory but she loves showing me around, inviting me in, having me there.  And, during this time I’ve learned… she’s very hospitable. 

But work, I mean provision, manna has been consuming my Tuesdays and so we did some major shifting in schedules this week just so I could reclaim this simple pleasure.  So I could sit down and read with her and a few of her friends.  In her space.

But today the teacher didn’t need me.  Project Wild was today and no volunteers are needed as the children learn interesting facts about the real world of plants and animals, within the classroom walls. 

With the long to-do list I made for myself, Bubbs and I were quick to head out to tackle some errands.  I passed the school office and swung in for my first errand on the list.  Notify them Baby Girl will not be returning next year for 2nd grade.  Message delivered. Form to take home and fill out. Check. On our way to the next errand.

After a few errands, lunch, a phone call, and a while soaking up the Vitamin D outside with Bubbs, I pull out the form to start filling it out.  The “Notification of Withdrawal” form. 

Long pause as it sets in. This makes it real.

Name of student… to withdraw from public school:  My Baby Girl. 
Reason for withdrawal... from public school: Receiving Home-based instruction/homeschooling
Last day of attendance…. at public school:  May 31

This is real.  How am I going to do this?  What are we doing?  Why are we doing this?  Can I do this?

Bow my head. Take a deep breath.  Spill whispers to Heaven, to the real, living God. Because the only way to do real is in this posture.  A posture of humility.

This is what you asked of me…. Did you really ask this of me?  Are you real?  Because I’m not able to do this if you aren’t real.  I will need Your wisdom and understanding Lord. Keep me from disbelief, from fear. I need your strength to do what you are asking me to do.  Speak loudly and drown out the noise of this world.  Your voice is all I long to hear.  Real. Here. Now. Always.  Come, Holy Spirit, come.   

So this is real.  Hearing a real word from the living God and checking the box: receiving home-based instruction/homeschooling out of obedience, out of a desperate love for Him.  We are really doing this. 

Thank you Lord for this gift of time with Baby Girl.  Be with me as I teach her about Your creation, which she adores, outside the classroom... holding real as much as we can. Come,Holy Spirit, come.

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