Sunday, December 16, 2012

When There Are No Words

I’ve been wrestling with words since Friday.  Because there are so many thoughts swelling inside me that I feel I need to spill some words or I just might burst.  And as they collect on the page, I know.  In a time like this, there just are no words.  At least no words that will minister to broken hearts.  Sometimes all we can do is reach out and wrap arms around the broken and sit together in the silence.  In the trenches of grief, there is little room for anything but the suffering and the Savior. And since we know for certain He is in us, maybe all we can do is take Him with us into the trenches and weep and mourn alongside the broken. 


We need you. We are so broken.  We don't understand.  This world – it just doesn’t make sense.  And I know why.  Because it is not yours. Not yet.  Something like this is pure evil.  And evil cannot be understood. Only fought. With the power of your victorious name.  Jesus, we need you.  To comfort. To come.  To fight.
I believe Lord.  And I trust you with everything I have.  That you ARE good.  That you ARE loving.  That you ARE with the broken and crushed in spirit.  That in you there is no darkness. These things I know.  And I know that you too are grieving.  You too are weeping.  I am so sorry, Jesus, that your people fell victim to such evil.  I am so sorry. Show us the ones who need to be held.  And, Lord may we be a people that can see through these awful circumstances that there is no hope within us.  There is only hope in you.
Jesus, come.   Lord may your name be glorified even in this senseless tragedy. We await the beauty you promise.  We love you. In your victorious, powerful, holy name.  Amen.

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