Friday, March 1, 2013


Sometimes, I try this idea of writing simply to spill thoughts on a page, to quiet the noisy editor in my head, using a prompt from various sources. How? Usually, I start and end a post in 15 minutes. Today I'm playing with the big girls.  I really did it - in 5 minutes just like them.  Thank you for your crazy, wild, embracing grace. Here's what falls out of a wanna-be writer in 5 minutes.  Oh, you should try it! 


Today's Prompt:  ORDINARY


I am afraid of being ordinary.  Lost in the mundane.  Doing every day the same.  As the years pass, I feel even more ordinary.  No milestones in sight.  I’m not about to graduate college or about to get married or expecting my first baby… or any baby.  This little body is not so little anymore and my blonde hair isn’t so blonde anymore and ordinary is creeping in and settling down deep and I try not to let it overtake me.  But what if it does?  What if ordinary takes over all of me and I let it and it even takes over my pride so something bigger can happen.  What if ordinary makes me humble enough for Extraordinary to rip right through me.  What if Extraordinary finds a spacious dwelling place and decides to show off a bit.  Because in an ordinary vessel, there is only one explanation for Extraordinary.

Oh, the possibilities in ordinary. 

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