Friday, December 16, 2011

10 Days Away!

We are only 10 days away!  This week gave us Joseph.  And, soon the rest of the appointed will arrive... but not yet.  Are your hearts full of anticipation? 

Here's a glimpse of where we've been the last 7 days in Scripture... walk with us.

Day 8: Luke 1:57-80, SUN
“Like the rising sun that shines, only You can raise a life, I feel a call and this is my… awakening. “ “Awake my soul and sing.”  I love the way the sun shines warm on my face, energizing me and overwhelming me with joy.  And I love how the Son can do that whether there is light… or darkness. 

Day 9: Matthew 1:18-24, JOSEPH
Enter Joseph.  Everything inside him said run… his virgin wife impregnated.  Disgraceful, shameful… but God can redeem even this, Joseph… “Do not be afraid.”  Will I trust this God who is sovereign even in imperfect circumstances?

Day 10: Matthew 1:18-24, DREAM
Joseph doesn’t know what to do so God appears during his slumber and tells him what to do. In a dream He whispers, “Do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife.” And, Joseph obeys, right away.  The saying in our house, “Obey right away, all the way with a happy heart.”  I guess next time we have difficulty in this area, I can refer to Joseph.

Day 11: Matthew 1:18-24, JESUS' NAME
The power of a name… the name above all names.  One day every knee will bow and tongue confess this name… Jesus, “God saves”.   At this name, the enemy retreats, darkness flees, and all our fear and doubt crumble.  At this name, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… Peace overcomes.

Day 12: Luke 2:1-7, CENSUS
They were called to their own town to be counted… so Joseph went to where he came from.  That is my deepest desire… that I am headed to where I came from…

Day 13: Luke 2:1-7, BETHLEHEM 
“House of Bread”… No detail was left to chance.  God, He wove this tapestry with great precision driven by His perfect love.  Even the name of Jesus’ birthplace would foretell of the Way, the Bread of Life that would satisfy our hunger…

Day 14: Luke 2:1-7, STABLE
Stable – generally defined as a building divided into separate stalls.  The One who came to tear the veil was born in a structure divided. But it’s only a matter of time… the walls are coming down!  The trail to the tree starts in a dirty barn filled with the world's stench.  Isn't this where we start too?

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