Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gifts from the Heart

The Christ-child received three gifts on that Holy Night and He would take on the sin of humanity so we could live in freedom, in eternity, in relationship once again with our Creator.  A Christmas tree packed full of wrappings and bows for us every day folk seems… well...

This time of year, it seems to be all about the gifts.  The retail gluttony consumes the media waves and the everyday places and I find it hard to settle in the sufficiency of giving from the heart to recognize the ultimate Gift-Giver who loves and gives.  I find myself trying to stuff my tree with new, shiny packages, trying to fill expectations instead of hearts.  

Maybe if I wrote down the gifts I’ve counted on individual pieces of paper, and wrapped them, and set them under my tree, I could see an example of the abundance of gifts we each already have.  And whatever I choose to give, from the heart, well maybe that might be included in someone else’s accounting… of the gifts that fill their heart because they are really from His heart, the One who taught us to give.  Maybe…

And just when I’ve written and wrapped the last gift, the count, it doesn’t stop, because He never stops raining down the gifts of love from His heart… it’s only a matter of looking. 

#285. The sound of imaginations running wild in the dead of winter.

#286. Spending 24 days discussing our Savior’s birth… as a family.

#287. The wonder found in the barn on that Holy Night… they are young but they can already behold it.

#288. The Provider who always amazes us with the ways manna falls from the skies.  Daily. Bread.

#289.  A little boy washing his hair, mesmerized by the lather he creates… and the way he investigates when he thinks no one is looking. Abandoned.

#290. A lack of excess to see there is still an abundance.

#291. A big sister always seeking a companion to enter the dark places.

#292. A little brother who goes without question.

#293. Exchanging dreams over hot cocoa with marshmallows.

#294. Traditions, old and new – the way they pull out memories from the archives and log new ones.

#295. Hearts tied together in Christ.

#296. The tender, gentle way God answers the same questions over and over. 

#297. “What if” pondering with the kids over a meal I didn’t cook.  “What if this restaurant was totally dark?” “What if there were windows in the ceiling so we could see the stars?” What if…

#298.  A little girl who sees moments worth capturing... a budding photographer...

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