Monday, July 9, 2012

Every Now and Then

Did you know?  Every now and then I write over here, our church's preschool ministry blog.  The purpose of the blog is to help parents of preschoolers build faith at home.  If you have a minute, check it out.  I think I forget to put my name on half the stuff I write. It's kinda nice. I write as a parent, apparently anonymously at times, and not a theologian and I'm sure that is a given since I don't write as a theologian here... because, well, I'm not a theologian.   But just to be clear, the only thing that qualifies me is I had preschoolers recently and I love Jesus passionately.

The children's staff at this place is simply amazing.  Truly.  I'm privileged to call most of these ladies friends and I know their hearts for these kids, for His work.  Each of them is beautiful and inspiring and diligent in offering her bread and fish with open hands and a joyful heart to watch God bless the multitudes every week.  I don't know how many thanks come their way but I for one want to shout from cyberspace: ThAnK YoU Children's Ministry! You rock!!!!

Currently they teach out of the Jesus Storybook Bible which is what is inpsiring my writing (and makes a great baby shower gift).

Why am I telling you this?  First of all, because the Jesus Storybook Bible rocks! Honestly, kids are not required to read this treasure. I learn so much from this book, where "every story whipsers His name".  A phrase will catch my heart so I crack open my Bible to see if it really says that.... Yep.  It really says that. 

And I find whenever I sit down to write the week's posts, God reveals something to me.  A little something or a big something, but as I peck out words on the keyboard, I marvel at this God who wastes nothing.  Not one single act that was ever recorded in His Living Word has been for no apparent reason.  If I think it's irrelevant, by now I know I must need to dig further.  It's always relevant.  There is always a reason, a significance that helps us here and now.  The more I research the culture and dive in to the language and read linking passages, the greater this God on High seems and yet the more intimate He becomes.

Maybe give it a try or keep going... crack open His Word... or the Jesus Storybook Bible.  See what He is waiting to speak straight into your heart.  I pray it simply amazes you and forever changes you.   

Ok... back to our regularyly scheduled programming....God willing.