Sunday, September 23, 2012


Sometimes, I try this idea of writing simply to spill thoughts on a page, for love of the written word, using a prompt from various sources.  Usually, I start and end a post in 15 minutes. The professionals, they do five minutes. Today, I tried to write like the big girls... I tried five too. This is what five minutes gets me. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.I thank you in advance for enfolding me in your crazy grace.


Today's Prompt:  HERE


My mind wanders.  It’s hard to keep it here.  With the people right in front of me.  I’m a dreamer.  And it’s hard to keep my head out of the clouds and down here.  Because I like to dream big.  

But the Lord has a lesson. Here. And He will not settle for anything less than me learning it.  Oh, how He hopes for me.  To grasp it.  The beauty of here.  The abundant, undeserved blessings He handpicked to decorate the walls of right here.  I keep looking there.  Beyond here.  As  I mumble my plans and dreams, I am missing it. This life that exists here in the grace that exists now.  As I learn I must also teach. About here. Go into all the world. Make disciples. 
The Lord is stripping me of old habits, of everything I once knew, my normal.  It’s flattering really.  That He would take so much time with me here.   His compassions never fail and He is grieving how wrong I’m getting this yet delighting in teaching me gently.  He is bigger than here. And He is laboring effortlessly, persistently on my stubborn heart so I will understand. 

So I will trust His faithfulness even if my faith waivers.  I will boldly ask Him to increase my faith and forgive my unbelief.  And I will beg Him to show me here.  Until I get there.  And I see Him face to face.