Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Child's Salvation Rhyme

We all have sin stored up inside
from those times when we stole or disobeyed mom or lied.
The crazy thing is God loves us anyway.
And He loves us too much for us in our sin to stay.
Except the penalty for all this sin is death.
So God sent His Son, Jesus, who paid our penalty with His last breath.
But this story doesn’t end with Jesus in the tomb.
Jesus rose again to make all things new.
Only, until we choose Jesus, our sin makes us black as night.
So we have to say, “Jesus, forgive me. Lead me with Your light.”
And then Jesus comes in to scrape our hearts clean
And by His grace alone are we seen.
Because the truth is we will still commit wrong
But Jesus wants to be our friend and give us a new song.
And if you get nothing else out of this rhyme,
Please remember we are all running out of time.
God really wants nothing except for our heart.
And He promises such joy and love right from the start.
The choice is ours because God is gentle and good.
Choose Him who is loving and kind because He longs that we would.

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