Monday, April 21, 2014

Silent Saturday

As I wait in the dark silence of Saturday, the day between redemption and hope, I hear a soft whisper or is it a low roar.  It's like the ground is rumbling in Friday aftershock shaking loose all my self-righteousness, reminding me of the blood poured out over my sin, the only reason I stand justified and righteous before the throne.  The sound is beckoning me closer.  And it's assuring me there is more but I'll have to walk away from something in order to find it.  To find more, I will need less. Less stuff, less distraction, less Facebook, less worry, less fear, less of this world, much less of me.  I'm beginning my search, pivoting toward the sound and walking away with less to find more.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.  Forgive me that I thought I was capable of anything good on my own.  I need You, Lord.  Release the fullness of Your Spirit and bring me under His leadership so that I may follow You victorious in full obedience.  Give me endurance to walk with zeal and diligence for Your glory alone.  And strengthen me to lay all things down that stand between us. Lord, bare and in your presence is my soul's cry.  I will do anything. Amen.

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