Monday, November 19, 2012

The Spanish Lesson(s)

We started learning Spanish.  As a family.  At an elementary level.  We’re going really slow… because we can.  We listen to stories in a mixture of English and Spanish on CD to build our vocabulary.  It’s been fun.

I’ve had enough Spanish to be dangerous.  And by dangerous I mean a complete comedic act to anyone fluent in the language.   But I have a vocabulary beyond the elementary lessons of our Spanish curriculum.  So occasionally, I insert Spanish words into my conversations with the kids, too, like the CDs. 

Last night during tubby time, I decided to introduce the word pelo: hair. Our “lesson” went something like this…

Me: “Bubbers, please get your pelo wet.”  This is accompanied by exaggerated hand motions circling and tugging on my hair.

Bubbs: “Ok.” He says it with a huge smile and a snicker.

Five minutes later, I ask, “Is your pelo wet?”

Quiet… “No."

“Please get your pelo wet.”

Another five minutes passes.  “Is your pelo wet?”

Pause.  Water splashing.  “Yes.”

I come in to check.  The bottom ends are wet.

“Oh, you only have un poco of tu pelo wet.  You need to get todo de tu pelo wet.” Again accompanied with exaggerated arm movements.

He’s laughing and smiling from ear to ear.

I go about the rest of the nightly routine and admittedly kind of forget about Bubbers in the tubby.  After some time passes, I call upstairs.

“Bubbers, have you shampooed yet?”

Silence and then his small, pensive voice calls downstairs.  “No…  I got my pelo wet, though.”

Super.  One Spanish word added to our vocabulary.

The next night… lesson 2.

I call upstairs while Bubbs is in the tub, “Is your pelo wet?”


I repeat the question. 


Todo or poco?”


Exhale hard. I repeat the question. 

“Mom, I don’t understand what you are saying!”

Ok, so Spanish vocabulary word count is still at one.  Awesome.  Fluency is imminent. 



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